How to get an excellent price for your gold

The recent troubles with the euro mean that gold has been rising in price rapidly. Now is the time to collect your scrap gold and get selling while prices are still so high.

However, how do you find a good gold buyer?
There are so many gold buyers on the net that sifting through them all to find the few good ones can seem like a daunting task.
Here’s how to check the gold buyer you have chosen is the one for you:

Do they accept your gold?

Ideally, you need a gold buyer who will accept scrap gold of all kinds, whether it is broken, tangled or missing stones. A good gold buyer won’t make you sit down for hours untangling necklaces. They sort that out for you.

A good gold buyer knows that no two people are the same and that people own gold of different kinds, also selling it for very different reasons. Make sure your gold buyer accepts your quirky bits and pieces before sending off for your gold selling pack. A good gold buyer will accept things like gold ornaments, all gold jewellery, gold implements and even gold teeth!

Some good ones also accept your silver and precious stones like diamonds.

Do they pay out excellent prices?

With so many gold buyers advertising their services on the World Wide Web, there really is no excuse for accepting a less than stellar price for your gold. Like many other financial transactions and purchases you can make, there are price comparison sites you can use to make sure you’re getting a good deal. These sites will tell you what your gold buyer is paying out and also what their competitors will offer you for the same amount of gold. is the best gold price comparison site on the web, showing you how to choose the best place to sell gold. Don’t sell your gold without checking your offer there.

Are they quick and efficient?

Many people sell gold for cash because they are in desperate need for an urgent cash payment, for this reason, you must make sure your chosen gold buyer will process the sale of your gold quickly, efficiently and transparently. A quick look at their site should tell you this. A good gold buyer will tell you exactly what their processes are, how they value your gold and how long each stage of the process takes?

Don’t be caught out by postal gold scams. Go to today!

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