Light Skin or Dark Skin?

Sometimes nature has created to be one thing and then we desire another. We cannot blame God for the confused state we are in.

If you are in America, you would realize that the white people here want to be tan so that they would not look pale. If they are tan, they look healthy and well, they can say that they just came back from a vacation and their skin is bronzed. So they really go out of their way to stay outdoors and soak up some sun. Those who can’t just apply tanning lotions or go get tanned from those salons with tanning equipment. Ahhh…tanning is such a big business here.

On the other hand, if you are in the Philippines, people would give everything to be white. They avoid the sun and apply whitening lotions. They even wear sunblock even if they are not on the beach. Those who want to bring their skin lightening even further take medicines that will make their skin fairer. The effect is from the inside out and not just skin deep. So where are you located and what color is your current skin? And what would you like it to be?

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