Trying my best

The Author of this post is Herman Barry

I try my hardest to nag my husband so much but man, it’s actually really hard. He’s a great man in a lot of ways but in others he’s really immature and I need him to help out more around the house which I know is the classic man/wife issue. But for us it’s more – on the weekends I’m here with the kids trying to give them some quality time and he’s all curled up in front of the tv (we recently went to watching whatever football game has caught his eye at the moment. Now I don’t want to be a totally buzzkill but you know, I need some help! The kids barely remember him and it’s not like I don’t work a fulltime job during the week, too. I know he needs to rest but I sure would like that as well and it’s impossible to do when I’ve got three screaming kids running around and no one to help me. I love my husband but he’s going to have to pitch in.

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