Yahoo Domain Promo

Are you looking for a promo for a new domain? Then, yahoo is having one imagine for the whole year you just pay a small amount compare to how much you make for the whole year? I know that since i have many sites that i own including this blog. But the new blogs are not making money yet since they are just fresh and still updating it. Anyway, here are the promo code and the link…

Promo code: BESTDEAL

Price: $3.95 first year

1-year term: $3.95 You save $6.00 * 2-year term: $13.90 You save $6.00 * 3-year term: $23.85 You save $6.00 * 5-year term: $43.75 You save $6.00 After term expires: $34.95/year

Link: Click here


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